The Who?

Founded in 2018 by Jay Boland in an attempt to make this project feel bigger than himself…Which is strange, because he was already a 300lb Infant to the Industry! In his frame, “if you build it they will come”, members and collaborators continue to evolve…We often discover our destiny on the Gravel Roads we take to avoid it!

The Where?

Born and Bred in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts…JB (andTheGravelRoad) was surrounded and steeped in a long tradition of Music and Arts. In his words, “I am First and Foremost, a Fan of Berkshire County Musicians…”

The What?!?!

JBandTheGravelRoad could be described as Bluesy Rock Band infused with Bourbon and Shenanagism!

The Gravel Road Traveled…

Born into it?! Jay Boland was first Grandchild to Bill O’Donnell, Life-Time Jazz Drummer, Leader of  The Fabulous Hi-Fis, and long standing President of  The Berkshire County Musicians Union…Growing up surrounded by Musicians and Jazz Standards, JB was Set on a Drum Pad at the age of 3. Yeah, that just simply did not work out! Recognizing and Understanding, Bill offered to let Jay choose an alternate “Gift of Music” at the Age of 13…A 12-String Acoustic. Why 12-Strings?  In Jay’s Words, “…because 12-Strings must be better than Six!” Never seeking the spotlight, that Guitar became a source of introspection and healing…

Not until 33 Years later, did JB play his first Public Gig. Unknowingly he was booked at a local pub by a fellow Friend and Musician that noticed he needed a kick in the Pants! From that moment, The Gravel Road continues to Wind…Original Music, LIVE Event Schedule, Virtual Streams…In JB’s words,

“Music today, and every day, from here to the end…”